Friday, October 13, 2006

Goalkeeping's Not So Greatest Hits

Prompted by the gaffe in England's recent game against Croatia, The Offside links us to Great Goalkeeper Blunders.

I've had my share of goalkeeper related misadventures, though not with Borat looking on. I've had the goalkeeper kick the ball off my shinguard into my own goal. I've also had a backpass to the keeper picked off in an amateur adult league game. Either the pass or the keeper was too slow- probably both.

:edit: added link to Robinson's blunder

Monday, October 09, 2006

Alphabet Soup

Spectrum's Guide to Recent Electronics: Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations (SGTREIAA)

Even electrical engineers can't keep them straight, much less the poor sap figuring out LCoS or DMD (TI calls it DLP) for his or her new rear projection TV.

Yeah, I'm Published, Sort of

See September issue of IEEE Communications Magazine, the article is "3G UMTS Wireless System Physical Layer: Baseband Processing Hardware Implementation Perspective" (subscription only). Yes, I'm a contributor.

Article is also available via IEEE Xplore.