Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time to Bail on

Blogspot hasn't really kept up with it's competition. Time to move to Wordpress?
Is Google Neglecting Blogger?

Also, Facebook is better for sharing links.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Water, Food, Fossil Fuels

On-going post on a vicious interconnected, inflationary web:
  • higher oil prices -> higher food prices

  • water shortage -> higher food prices, food shortages

  • water shortage -> higher fossil fuel consumption

  • higher natural gas prices -> higher fertilizer prices

  • richer, eating more meat -> more feedstock, more water, more energy

  • bad monetary and fiscal policies -> monetary inflation
X factor that connects them all: global climate change/global warming

Bad American Fiscal and Monetary Policy:
Rice, death and the dollar
The Economy: Something's Got to Give

A Drought in Australia, a Global Shortage of Rice - New York Times
Water shortage worst in decades, official says - California dreaming, of water

Food Shortage:
Food Crisis Fuelling Global Instability
Global food shortages: a 'silent tsunami'
Global food Crisis
Emptying the breadbasket
Decades of Great Plains' wheat as king and low prices everywhere are over

Energy Peak/Plateau:
Non-OPEC production of crude oil seems to have stalled, promising even higher prices at the pump.

Food and Energy:
Food Riots and Falling Russian Oil Production
Natural gas -> Fertilizer, Food (and fuel) for thought

Bottom Line:
Supply to meet demand? Or economists don't live in the real world, The new face of hunger and Why More Food Is Not the Answer
Cheap energy (oil, natural gas) and heavy fertilizer use can't go on forever:
The Rise of the Neo-Malthusians