Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Soccer Watching

As I'm posting, I'm watching Mexico vs. Argentina and wish I was watching USA vs. Uruguay. And I "no comprendo" Telemundo. Fortunately, soccer is a global langauge. Here's to some golazos!

Why soccer? Maybe because soccer fans have more fun: US soccer punks 1, McFans 0. Even Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion Toronto FC club is literally tearing down their stadium.

Seriously, I've watched as much soccer this summer as last summer. Aside from MLS (back to that later), the Americas including the good 'ol USA have been busy. First, the USA won their regional cup, the Gold Cup. Then, the US crashed out of Copa America. Meanwhile, the future of US Soccer looks bright in Canada. Finally, the most marketable David Beckham comes to MLS.

Looking toward 2010, U.S. enters a crucial summer with eyes on World Cup
Red Bulls Import a Little Excellence (see Summer Tournaments section)

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