Monday, February 13, 2006

Beyond E-Mail and Web Browsing

Someone really needs to come up with a better term for the next generation of Internet applications and services. Hopefuly, it's not "Internet Bubble 2.0".

O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0

Anyway, what do I think "Web 2.0" is? I'm not sure, but I can list some distinguishing characteristics: for most of the services, the web browser is the client software. What else? Thin clients. Centralized data. Distributed applications. Open Source bias. AJAX. Mobile integration.

Next generation things I use:
Flickr, BitTorrent, Wikipedia, blogging, tagging

Edit: Also read "Web 2.0: Does it Exist, and Why on Earth Should You Care"

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schav said...

i think there is a lot of hype, prolly from the investment/VC sector, but also a lot of cool stuff finally coming out of the web. basically, everyone has broadband, is used to buying things and making money off the web...half those crazy ideas from the early 90's could actually work in today's economy...